How does it work?

Integration has been added for SuccessFactors Recruiting module so that once a candidate has been selected (status is set to 'Ready to Hire') they will automatically be imported into HROnboard.

Getting set up 
Admin > Workflow > Integrations > +Add > SuccessFactors Recruiting
  • Only 1 mapping file can be used to map the SuccessFactor fields to HROnboard fields
  • A default Owner, Company and Location must be set in case this information doesn't come through the mapping file.
  • Both Basic & OAuth 2.0 (Custom for SuccessFactors) Authentication methods can be used.

Placements/ Candidates will now only be imported if they are unique for that company and integration

Integration will be polled every 15 minutes, however, it can be manually synced on the integrations page.